[Gimp-developer] Release procedure (was: Testers requested for our new Mac OS X DMG release!)


lately in IRC the idea of documenting and scripting our deployment
processes at LGM came up. I support this idea and like to bring up the
topic of rethinking our release procedure again:

On  10.1.2016 at 1:11 AM Alexandre Prokoudine wrote:
> On Mon, Jan 4, 2016 at 11:23 AM, Kristian Rietveld wrote
in reply to my post from 31 Dec 2015, at 14:13
>> More coordinated releases would be a good thing to have IMHO.
>> Releasing Windows & Mac binaries and perhaps Debian/Ubuntu and
>> Fedora packages at the same time as a new tarball release would be
>> great.

> Hence I'd like to propose the following change to the release policy,
> using Sven's proposal as a basis:
> 1. Negotiate a release date between mitch (GIMP maintainer), pippin
> (GEGL/babl maintainer), Jernej (Win builds), and Kris (OSX builds).

Plus: Roman Joost (GIMP doc maintainer), a responsible counterpart
from the GNOME Translation Project Coordination Team
(perhaps Piotr Drąg as GIMP translation contributor, see also
and one from the website maintainers (Michael Schumacher, Alexandre or

> 2. Finalize a list of changes that should be covered in the user
> manual and in the docs for developers.
> 3. Announce a strings freeze at least a month before releasing to give
> translators and docs writers do their job.
> 4. Complete all release related docs.
> 5. Bump version number for both GEGL/babl, GIMP, and gimp-help.
> 6. Make and test all builds for all supported systems.
> 7. Update the 'testing' branch of the website (download links,
> announcements), update docs.gimp.org, check everything.
> 8. Merge all changes from the 'testing' branch into the 'master' branch of wgo.
> 9. Announce.
> To specifically aid #2, since December, there's a changelog targeted
> at user manual writers:
> http://wiki.gimp.org/wiki/Release:2.10_changelog
> Needless to say, it's WIP, but it's getting there.

It would be good if you could discuss it at LGM. Well, I'm not
attending LGM this year but if you need me I'm ready to take the time
and be there in our chat room or answer by mail.

@Alex, Kris: will you be at LGM?



PS: I already posted this yesterday, but used the answering function
of my email client, so the former post might be buried under others.
Now sending it properly as top level post.


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