[Gimp-developer] An apology (was Re: GIMP needs a new color management person)

On 05/02/2015 07:21 PM, Elle Stone wrote:

Right now for OpenEXR images, the image is opened, it's assumed to be a
linear gamma sRGB image (really bad assumption), the sRGB TRC is
applied, and the GIMP built-in sRGB profile is assigned
(https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=316646). This is laughably
wrong. Instead of removing the coding step that applies the sRGB TRC and
giving the user a chance to *assign* the right ICC profile (I supplied a
patch to do just that), the plan as discussed on IRC and in the bug
report seems to be to extend the "auto sRGB TRC" assumption right into
the LCMS plugin itself, which is a mind-boggling wrong thing to do.

I owe Mitch and the other devs an apology. Over the last few months they've made a lot of positive changes in GIMP color management. For example:

* Dragging and dropping between RGB layer stacks is now color-managed.
* DCF information is handled properly.
* The problem with OpenEXR was solved by code that creates and assigns a linear gamma version of the sRGB profile to OpenEXR files, which doesn't modify the image file's RGB values, and does allow the user a chance to assign a different profile as needed. Also the OpenEXR code now reads chromaticity information. * A glance through GIMP bug reports shows that other good changes are underway. * The LCMS plugin itself is gone, replaced by code that indeed switches between linearized RGB and perceptual RGB, and everything still seems to work just fine.

In case I've given anyone the impression that I think GIMP isn't a good image editor, that impression is incorrect. GIMP is an excellent image editor, and I use GIMP 2.9 (with some small patches applied) as my main image editor of choice.

Best regards,

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