[Gimp-developer] Python Interpreter on Windows

I am little puzzled with how the Python interpreter is well
interpreted with GIMP. For instance, when I build GIMP from git, it's
all good and the interpreter I specify in pygimp.interp works fine.

Now I create an installer from my build and install it in Program
Files for example (location very different from my build location on a
removable SSD) and I modify pygimp.interp to point to a different
interpreter and it works fine.

However, If I make a copy of my original install and put it in another
location, I get the dreaded: "GIMP-Warning: Bad interpreter referenced
in interpreter file"

Also, this happens sometimes. It happens with current git pull. My
last build a month ago, it didn't happen.

Can anyone tell me how exactly GIMP decides on Bad interpreter? Note
that I know that GIMP checks to see if the interpreter is executable
and it is as specified above. What else am I missing to fix this
problem for me once and for all?

Thanks in advance,

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