[Gimp-developer] WGO Redesign Update

Just a small update.

I've been busy IRL, and haven't had a chance to work on some things these
past weeks.  I'll be ramping back up shortly.

I incorporated some changes per Jakub from a couple of weeks ago (mostly
the navigation header font and styling).  I am still trying to sort out
some font styling issues that is happening with some fonts, on some DE, in
some browsers... <sigh>.  Thank you to everyone who took the time to look
and report the problems to me! (ankh, drc, akk, and more).

## Tutorials
The site is still not 100% transferred to the new infrastructure.  The
biggest slow-down at the moment is walking through each of the tutorials
and translating them to Markdown with a few updates to various components
(images now existing in the context of a <figure> element, captions, adding
missing alt tags, etc).  If anyone wants to stand up the environment and
translate tutorials, I'm taking all patches! :)

Jakub also pointed out the need for a README file in the root of the site,
which we don't have at the moment.  I will take a stab at writing one
shortly so others can now what the heck to do to get a build setup.

## Responsive/Mobile Styling
I am in the process of styling the smaller screens navigation.  I am
thinking of something similar to what I did with https://pixls.us - that
is, a floating icon to expand out a menu when requested on mobile only (I
think the header navigation is fine for larger views).  I am, of course,
open to feedback or suggestions on this idea.

## Downloads Page / OS detection
I have the platform detection working (I think?) on the downloads page
right now.  All that's left is to style the sections appropriately based on
the detected OS.  I am aiming for a similar response to what the current
download page does, show appropriate download section, plus options for
viewing others.  If no js is available, default to showing all of the

## RSS Feeds
I haven't tested this yet at all.  I have no reason to suspect that they
_won't_ work, but won't know for sure until I sit down and get started
working on it.

## OpenGraph/Schema.org
I also have not modified the templates to contain opengraph/schema.org
microdata formats for parsing by those fancy-schmancy social websites and
others.  This is also something that I don't expect will be a problem (and
is not something visible to normal site consumers anyway).  It's also low
on my priority list, atm.

That's about where we are at.  We do have William Green who has offered to
help out, and I think that we could be ready to go before too long.

Is there any thoughts on a go-live/release schedule?  Is this something
that everyone wants to coincide with a bigger event?  If someone is
thinking of anything along these lines that may constrain the schedule, let
me know and I'll try to devote more resources (or find and bribe them) to

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