[Gimp-developer] Redesign the current GIMP brush set to 2.10

some years ago, in 2013... I have begun the process of redesign of all
brushes of GIMP 2.8+. The idea was organize a set to the next GIMP release.

This work was suggested by Guillermo Espertino... I think, that the
Prokoudine knew the project through the my g+ account.

I had, in this period, the support of some artists, in Brazil (Mozart
Couto), Argentina (Gustavo Deveze) and in Slovakia (Lubomir Zabadal).
The project was stopped because I do not have any response...

Recently I have writing about this to Patrick and he suggests me to try
publish something here.
Well the link of the project is here:

I think interesting to have their opinions and to know if this project is
interesting to GIMP.
If yes, how is possible to organize a group or the tasks around this issue?

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