Re: [Gimp-developer] Fade length setting for paint dynamics

On 08/10/15 14:05, Jon Tait wrote:
1. The "percent" setting is relative to maximal image dimension (ie. image width or height, whichever is larger). Ref: And as far as I can see it *does* work as intended - eg. Paintbrush Tool with Dynamics=Fade Tapering, Fade length=100% will fade in/out over a *stroke* length equal to the larger of image width and height. And pro rata for other values of "percent". [But note that it is the maximal *image* dimension, not *drawable* dimension.]

I tried that and it didn't seem to work.

2. No it cannot currently be set programmatically. The fade parameters are *dynamic options* (ie. specific to the fade dynamic), not common *paint options* (ie. applicable to all paint tools regardless of dynamics). And setting dynamic options is AFAIK not currently supported via PDB. IIRC this problem has been noted before but I cannot find anything on bugzilla about it now. Note this is a wider problem than just fade length, it requires a generalized method of getting/setting *all* dynamic options.

Dynamics take their other values from the general context For instance the varying "color" in the Dynamics uses the context gradient, the brush size is the context brush size, etc... And if I change a dynamics-related setting (fo instance, the "repeat") for one tool (brush), the value changes for other tools (airbrush, clone...).

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