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Awesome! Great work, folks!

On 28 November 2015 at 01:26, Alexandre Prokoudine <
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On Thu, Nov 26, 2015 at 10:38 PM, Michael Natterer wrote:
...and there's more info in the news post:



As an aside, I also came to know about HarfBuzz while reading the release
notes about the implementation components.In naming "HarfBuzz", the
developer has actually swapped the letters "u" and "a" - so the real name
should have been "HurfBazz", which are basically two Urdu (or may be
Persian as well) words "Hurf" (meaning single character/letter) and Bazz
(something/somebody that does everything with something). So, HurfBazz
really means something whose main job is to manipulate characters which is
what the code does. The developer has written the correct HurfBazz (حرف
باز) in Persian on his own page but he has switched the letters "u" and "a"
in the English version "HarfBuzz", perhaps just for fun.
The name is very fitting for the software but I wonder why he swapped the
characters u and a.

Thanks to guys behind GNome project, I am now able to type in my native
Urdu language on Linux. And since English is used in Pakistan mostly for
any and all work, Urdu has become limited to chats with friends or poetry
or text messages via sms. However, they write write Urdu using English
alphabets! But I really wanted to write real Urdu, instead of typing urdu
using English alphabets (they call it transliteration, right?), and I can
now write both English and Urdu in the same document (in LibreWord, etc and
even in text editors such as GEdit) thanks to your combined efforts. I can
even name my files using Urdu! And I see Urdu filenames in Urdu in Nautilus
along with English! Great work! Just Perfect!

I also tried in older Linux distros but wasn't successful. Perhaps I didn't
make the due efforts. But this time around, everything works
out-of-the-box, at least, in the latest versions of Ubuntu and Fedora.

In short, A BIG THANK YOU to you all! Really, Thank you very much.


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