Re: [Gimp-developer] High bit depth GIMP is excellent, awesome, amazing, if it's patched . . .

On 11/09/2015 09:46 AM, Elle Stone wrote:
High bit depth GIMP is an amazingly excellent and awesome image editor.
I posted a tutorial on how to use some of the incredibly useful new
features that will be unfamiliar to people using other image editors:

Autumn colors: An Introduction to High Bit Depth GIMP's New Editing

Unfortunately, default high bit depth GIMP 2.9 is still pretty
much useless for anyone trying to do radiometrically correct image

I use a patched version of GIMP 2.9 for actual image editing: Patching
GIMP for artists and photographers

I enjoy using my patched version of high bit depth GIMP very much and thought it would be nice to share. So I wrote up tutorials on building, updating, patching, and using high bit depth GIMP.

My goal for the tutorial on using high bit depth GIMP was to provide an introduction to some of high bit depth GIMP's awesome new editing features.

Has anyone had a chance to try my patched version of GIMP or read the tutorial on using high bit depth GIMP? Questions and feedback regarding either or both would be very welcome.

Best regards,

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