[Gimp-developer] Gimp at the Chaos Communication Camp 2015

Hi all.

This year there will be a Chaos Communication Camp again. In August this
epic event will shake the world and you'll look at videos, regretting
that you haven't been there.

OR you could attend and celebrate hacker culture:

GIMP will have a presence there: quite a few of the developers are
regulars at this event and we hope to have a good time there, which
works better with more people   :)

If you have never heard about the Camp I'd suggest to look up some of
the videos floating around. It really is an amazing event. I was
fortunate to attend all of them and can whole-heartedly recommend it.

I am currently trying to estimate how big a tent we need and would
appreciate, if you could tell me if you want to attend and if you want
to be part of the Gimp crowd.


              simon budig de              http://simon.budig.de/

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