[Gimp-developer] Mapping Matrix and the Tool Options

Dear Developers,

The paint tools Mapping Matrix is such as cool feature and I am requesting
you to kindly move it to the Tool options where it initially used to be.
The reason is that it is easier to access from the Tool options since they
are related than having them in separate dialogs or tabs. I assume many
people don't even know where/how to get it in the current setup.

Since already the Tool Options itself has too many controls,  I request
that the Mapping Matrix be placed above all controls in the Tool Options
and make its control labels (Opacity, Size, Angle, Color,  Hardness, Force,
Aspect Ration, Spacing ...) clickable so that only one combo box
corresponding to the clicked label will appear in the Tool options for
adjusting settings.

Please, see the mockup:  http://s29.postimg.org/w546vdnav/Brush_dynamics.png

So, creating combo boxes dynamically with the clicked labels in the Mapping
Matrix could reduce on the number of controls in Tool options (if it makes

Best regards.


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