[Gimp-developer] Digital Painting and GIMP

I've noted that the main stream of the discussion is almost all about
I'm interested to supply GIMP with some advances and improvement to Digital
Painting. I'm working on the GIMP brushes, statics and mainly the dynamic
brushes since 2007~08.
Some of these brushes are the current stable release and on the git master.
With GIMP 2.8.+ I've began study the paint dynamics to emulate some
difficult techniques like watercolor and other techniques around or with
some impasto quality.
Since 2012~13 with other artists we're beginning study the paint dynamics
and howto build good presets and good brushes... These artists including me
are: Mozart Couto (illustrator and cartoonist, Brazil), Gustavo Deveze
(artist and cartoonist, Argentina), Elias De Carvalho (Illustrator,
Brazil), L'ubomir Zabadal (artist e Art adjunct professor, Nitra
University, Slovakia).
Something around these steps already knew to Prokoudine mainly.
Many of these works and tests I've been publishing on my g+ account...
these is the collections around this theme to GIMP since 2014:

I've promised to Prokoudine the tutorials around the painting techniques
since last year when I've began writing many things to many techniques and
how to use the current tools set to improve the quality of the painting.
All these studies series need of the good presets and a bug around the
workflow of this instance is the great problem if we think to distribute
these presets...

The recent studies around the wet and bloom effect are very interesting and
it is possible only using the .gih brushes + paint dynamic + some tool
options features... you can see here:

Another bug very critical for me is with the velocity parameter of .gih
brushes that don't working. My approach is using also the .gih brushes and
is important this kind brush will be working well.

I wait some note or comment about this and if is possible to resolve these
bugs to think begin to publish the tutorial around painting techniques with

My works and illustrations are all made with GIMP and MyPaint.
Now I'm working and testing many instances on the GIMP git master to all
different approaches around Digital Painting.


The bugs are present in the the 2.8.14 and the current git master.

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