Re: [Gimp-developer] Useability enhancement request: unified/expanded file export dialog

On 03/14/2015 02:34 PM, yahvuu wrote:
You might consider a freely editable operations chain for each file to be exported. The exports then
can be considered twigs of the GEGL tree*).

When different exports of the same composition are supported, the dialog could look like in the
following example:

*) This concept can be taken quite far beyond GEGL operations:

On 03/14/2015 06:43 PM, Øyvind Kolås wrote:
Further elaboration of what one can do when exporting was part of the
motivation of doing initial clean-up work on the architecture level
with separating saving from exporting.Another thing that is useful in
a few scenarios is exporting named sub rectangles of the image (for
creating raster graphics based assets for web/gui themes for

A sketch with some UI ideas around that is here:

To summarize suggestions so far, an enhanced file export dialog might allow the user to:

* Choose the export precision as part of the export dialog.

* Save default settings for things like whether to embed a thumbnail, exif data, comments, and etc.

* Have the option to scale the image as part of the file export dialog, leaving the GIMP XCF file at the original size.

* Have the option to convert to another ICC profile color space and also to assign another ICC profile to the image-to-be-exported.

* Have the option to export designated subframes from within the image, rather than having to make a new image and crop to each designated subframe.

Does anyone have any suggested modifications/additions to the above-proposed file export dialog "enhancement request/bug report"?

Moving past the narrow topic of file export dialogs, other useability enhancements were brought up:

* Have a way to specify entire chains of operations (that might or might not be related to exporting a file) that could be activated by a single click.

* Have a way to permanently dismiss various unwanted dialogs and warning notices, such as the dither dialog and the "do you really want to erase the history" warning.

* A warning or a check box (a check box would be less intrusive than a pop-up warning) on the resize dialog might keep one from inadvertently saving a reduced size file over the top of the original larger size file.

The topic of a "fully geglified GIMP" was brought up. What does a fully geglified GIMP have to do with an enhanced file export dialog?


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