Re: [Gimp-developer] handle transform tool

> With Peter's departure I don't really have a suggestion how to deal
> with this kind of a situation. It's great that people contribute code,
> and I'm thankful to them. But do we want to pile underdesigned
>features up again? Personally, I wouldn't like to see the project to
> go back to pre-2006.

Somebody came up with code and it looked cool, therefore it's in the
code base. Like Tito and similar to the N-Point-Transformation
tool while we have the Cage tool plus some other half-done features.
But hey, we dropped the Magic Scissors Tool and the performance of GIMP
master is near to unusable!
As long as the 'Hack first' principle rules, the team will never reach
its own product vision, if anybody remembers that thing :-(
Sad to see it go that way.



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