Re: [Gimp-developer] Question about Neon Edge Detection Feature

Hello David --

Thank you for your compliment and sharing your work - but
these lists do not accept e-mail attachments - they are automatically removed.

You will have to find a web page and upload your work there, and share
the links.

You might also be interested in sending the links to gimp-users list,
so as to reach
a broader audience.

As for the filters: They are pure mathematical  operations, and are
actually simple in nature.
They are specific kernel convolution operators (at least most of them
- maybe one or other of
GIMP's algorithms include some other step, like coloring up the results).

You can read more about this type of operation here:

And most importantly - you can try different custom convolutions in GIMP using
the generic convolution filter you can find at
"Filters->Generic>Convolution Matrix"



On 2 March 2015 at 14:22, Rosenthal, David <drosen citysoftinc com> wrote:
Hi, I have been using GIMP for about 5 years and love working with it.
Thank you to all who have made this wonderful tool possible.
I use the edge detection filter a lot on cloud formations. Sometimes I get
results so fantastic, I wonder if there is any 'intelligence' coded into
the filter to create meaningful forms out of random data, or , is it really
finding something that we can't see. I enclose a couple of particularly
apocalyptic results.
I've tested many combinations , including applying equalization, levels,
invert etc but the best results are a simple NEON edge filter with settings
of 9/.3.
I am attaching the original photos and their 'neoned' results (using the
Spencer Kimball plugin - which gives simiar results to directly running the
Neon Edge Filter in GIMP 2.8). I reduced the size to make the overall email
smaller. (All photo's by the way are unretouched, including ...1846 which
seems to show a few weird things in the original photo: person  sitting on
cloud reading a book at about 3 o'clock along with something billowing out
Is it just me that gets these apocalyptic images ? (not just from clouds
I would be interested in any comments you may have on this Is question.
Thank you very much.

*- david *

*Regards,David Rosenthal*
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