[Gimp-developer] Branding documents for GIMP

Hey everyone. Interest in using the GIMP logo to advertise the project has
been expressed by several companies, it has been proposed that we make
branding guidelines and/or press kit materials for GIMP. This could include
(but is not limited to):

1. A branding document (ex:
2. Series of "official" banners, brochures, and other marketing materials
that can be downloaded from the GIMP website.

These have the advantage of offering official graphics and guidelines for
businesses who are not part of the GIMP project to use in promoting GIMP
within their organisations (and to the public at large, since GIMP can be a
feature of a professional office suite package). It has the added effect of
providing useful information about the GIMP brand, it's origins, project
goals, etc.

The primary goal is to make professional GIMP official materials available
for people and organisations to use in order to promote the GIMP. We would
offer these materials on the gimp.org website.

To kick it off, I've uploaded my own rendition of Wilbur:

We can replace it with a more officially official version if we have any.

We will also need other versions (black and white for example).

If anyone has any official graphics to share, that would be helpful at this


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