Re: [Gimp-developer] wtf with the download?

The new design looks very good, much better than what was there
previously. Users can quickly find the installer link now.

I suggest a few changes:

* Change "This link downloads the GIMP installer for Windows by Jernej
  Simončič via" to "This link downloads the official
  GIMP installer for Windows via" This is because a
  new user who visits the website may wonder who Jernej is and if his
  builds can be trusted. ender agrees.

* The "via HTTP (.exe)" and "via BitTorrent (.torrent)" font sizes are
  too small. I suggest scrapping this 2 shade split. Just use single
  ovals with these texts in the top line's font size:

  - Download GIMP 2.8.14

  - Download GIMP 2.8.14
      via BitTorrent

  Any user who needs more information can see the associated paragraphs,
  or hover on the buttons to see the links.

* Another thing to add perhaps is: "This installer doesn't contain any
  adware, malware or any other bloat. It only contains GIMP." But it
  sounds rather strange to have to state it. We seem to live in such


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