[Gimp-developer] Layer to Image Size property

It seems that in gimp the images created from scratch on a layer have by
default the layer-to-image-size property, which makes the transform tools'
operation to include the entire image size; that is if I did not specify
with the select tool what I want to transform.

However, an image from clip-board pasted in using Edit>paste-as-new-layer
works well with the Unified Transform Tool since the tool clips/constrains
its operation within the bounds of that image (as long as the image's
surrounding is empty and transparent).

My humble opinion is that images created from scratch should not have the
layer-to-image-size property so that they can work well with the transform
tools on the fly, but also intelligently allow other tools (brush, smudge)
and filters (drop shadow) to work on them without necessarily having to
convert layers to image size.

The other option would be to allow the Unified Transform Tool to be used
also for selecting (like the rectangle select tool) the image(s) to be

For your consideration.


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