[Gimp-developer] Exporting Keyboard shortcuts (key bindings/accelerators)

I run GIMP on both work and home computers, and depending on the task at
hand, this sometimes leads me to come up with a better key-configuration
which I'd like to keep using across all installs of GIMP which I have.

Anyways, forgive me if this question has been asked before, but aside from
just running GIMP from a flash drive...

I was wondering about the operation of importing and exporting keyboard
shortcuts for GIMP. In other open-source softwares (say Blender or Komodo)
this is relatively simple either from within the program or just via
copying some stuff from application folders or /opt. As far as I'm aware
for gimp though, this isn't built-in, nor are there extensions for doing
it, so failing that, where precisely are these records stored? (Feel free
to list all of them if you'd like, but the machines in question for me are
all Win7 and Win8.)


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