[Gimp-developer] get_data, set_data for gimp 2.9 drawable

I'm working with gimp 2.9 and python/numpy, and was happy to find a drawable get_data method. From a gimp developers message thread dated February, it was mentioned that a 'set_data' method is on the short list for future development, but, until that appears, I was hoping to get python-gegl working on my linux (Mint Debian) system. Could someone provide insight as to how to get a work around for saving a numpy array as a gimp drawable?

My current effort involves getting gegl built with introspection and python-gegl (is there a more straightforward way?)

I've built babl, gegl (with --enable-introspection=yes) and gimp 2.9.3; and have PyGObject installed (via pip).

I've cloned python-gegl, but don't see an autogen or configure file. There is a setup.py, and when I run:

   / ~/src/python-gegl $ python setup.py install//
   //            gobject introspection enabled GEGL not installed on
   this system -//
   //            this package won't work as is.//
   //            Ensure you have installed://
   //                pygobject,//
   //                a recent GEGL build with gobject introspection
   //                Package not installed!/

It indicates that Gegl doesn't have introspection enabled. I didn't see any errors when I built gegl, and pygobject is installed via pip, can someone provide any insight as to what is wrong here?

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