Re: [Gimp-developer] 10 bit color

MassimoIT (massimo bertinelli tiscali it) wrote:
I'm a windows user, so I've tried the 2.9 available at
I'm very enthusiastic about the deep color precision introduced with the 2.9
release, but I didn't find out the way to display 30 bit color.
Having introduced openGL, I think it may be offered a feature that only
Photoshop implements by now: it would be great!

For now this is not available in Gimp. The new features regarding high
bit depth are all related to how the image data is stored internally and
what data format the drawing operations use for their calculations.

I know that cairo (the library we use to draw the image onto the screen)
has at least some support for 30 bit depth images, but I am not sure
what is needed to a) make use of that and b) make sure that the results
really end up on the screen.

Sorry for now.

              simon budig de    

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