Re: [Gimp-developer] Bug found: Unified transform and perspective tool fail silently when layer is hidden.

One solution that involves keeping the original untransformed are:
add checkbox "show original" in the transform tool menu.
I still recommend that is is turned off by default, along with the "grid",
which also gets in the way of seeing the transform.

What I mainly use the perspective transform tool for is applying a screen
graphic to a powered-off device to make it look like it's turned on, so I
need to see what is behind it. I also perform minor perspective adjustments
to objects in photo collages to make them look like they were sitting next
to eachother. I have never found keeping the original there to be useful in
any way, which is why I suggest it be hidden by default. I also suggest
(while I'm suggesting things ;P), that the transparency of the
transformation preview be taken down to 75% opacity by default (though
keeping in changeable is good). This provides an even greater visibility to
what's underneath, so you can ensure you are not covering up essential
elements of what is underneath.

tldr: For me, context visibility is everything with the transform tool. I
always transform in relation to other layers, or the border of the image,
never in relation to the original, so I definitely agree with Gez on that.



On Wed, Dec 9, 2015 at 6:05 AM, Gez <listas ohweb com ar> wrote:

El mar, 08-12-2015 a las 17:28 +0000, C R escribió:
In 2.8 it was possible to hide the layer you are transforming (with
perspective tool) to get the original out of the way during

Proposed solutions:
A. Make the original hide automatically, making it unnecessary to
the layer during transform.
B. Make sure the transformation is applied, regardless of the hidden
state of the layer.

I raised this subject in the UI mailing list a few days ago. In my
opinion, A should be the solution.
B, applying a transform on a hidden layer, could be problematic. It's
not a good idea to touch layers that are hidden, so preventing any tool
from working on hidden layers is probably a good thing and all tools
should be consistent doing so.

We need to discuss the usefulness of having the original layer during
transforms. In my experience, most of the times it's a hurdle, blocking
the context for the transform.
But I'm aware that in some cases users would need to compare the
transformed layer vs. the original.
I don't think it's a good idea to rule out that situation, but I'm
convinced that it's an exception, and more frequently users want the
original layer hidden.

Does anyone have a different opinion on this one? I'm interested to
know alternative workflows where that option is more useful than hiding
the original layer.

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