[Gimp-developer] PDB Procedures for External Progress Bars


I am tasked with creating (python using GTK) a plugin which will
utilize a great many other scripts and plugins within GIMP.  The file
which is being written runs in full screen mode most of the time so the
progress bars in The GIMP are obscured, which leads to the use of an
external progress bar.  But a snag has been encountered.  While trying
to register a temporary function from within python, it balks at the
number of parameters, and the parameter it is refusing is the callback
function.  A perusal of the source code lead me to gimpmodule.c in the
pygimp directory (line 642).

I am not a c programmer, so I am attempting to translate this via my
knowledge of Python.

It looks, at first glance, as if this function does not allow for a
callback function to be passed in.  If so, how would one register a
temporary function from python?

On an additional note, the PDB function gimp_progress_init indicates
that a '-1' is passed to instruct it to use an external window for a
progress bar, but it chokes on that value with an error (either as
a string or an int).

I have found the functions which (in Python) are accessed via
gimp.progress_install, so I know that these can be used instead.  What
I am trying to find out is if the PDB variants of this are implemented,
or am I using them in the wrong way?  If I am using them wrong, would
someone be kind enough to explain how they should be used?

C. Jason B.

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