Re: [Gimp-developer] GIMP 2.9 useability - out of gamut and HDR channel values

On Sun, 2015-04-19 at 09:56 -0400, Elle Stone wrote:

An issue that will arise for everyone who uses GIMP 2.9 is how to
deal with HDR and out of gamut colors.

Can't say it has arisen for me yet but I agree that (if we ignore 
rhetorical overstatement) it could be useful to address.

What about a View Module that shows out of gamut pixels in a 
configurable way? (e.g. two solid colours and an optional blink-rate 

In addition, I can imagine a Colours->Out Of Gamut filter that allows 
clipping, logarithmic squishing, clipping with inpainting (G'MIC and 
Darktable have some of this), automatic replacement of clipped regions 
with penguins, maybe an expression language, we could call it the gimp 
module for implace clipping...

In other words I don't think there's a single approach that works for 
everyone, or even for most people, or even for one person most of the 
time, as it depends on the image. So it'd seem like a bunch more work 
than your email appeared to me to suggest.

In the meantime in my own workflow the lack of "repeat last filter 
used" is a much bigger usability issue than anything to do with gamma 
or clipping. So phrases like "everyone" and "the biggest usability 
problen" don't carry as much weight as specific use cases, I think.

Hmm, having GIMP and darktable able to share modules (like the out of 
gamut filter) might be a really interesting summer project for a 
suitable student, if such exist.


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