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I have two locales under System Preferences > Language & Region:
Gàidhlig (Scottish Gaelic)

I've tried a few other pemutations and there's some odd stuff going on. First, no matter which locale I set, it only ever shows 2 in the dropdown. I tried German, which brings up GIMP in German but still only offers
System default
in the GIMP settings.

Now here's where it gets weird. I decided to add Gaeilge (Irish) and put it above Gàidhlig in the OS settings:
Gaeilge (ga)
Gàidhlig (gd)
English (en)

When I restart GIMP, it comes up in Gaelic (gd)! The only way I managed to get it to fire up in Irish was by removing gd from the OS locales list. Irish is not translated to a high % but still I don't see why it should bring up gd if you set ga above gd.

I'm on 10.9.4 by the way, just in case that's important.


PS: sorry for the moan, I can see now that this is fortunately not intentionally like this, I apologise for over-reacting a bit, it just happens too often that unsupported or less supported locales like ours are 'forgotten'

12/09/2014 13:00, sgrìobh gimp-developer-list-request gnome org:
That's strange. I tested my build (= the one Michael Schumacher referred to)
on Mavericks and see a long list of languages in the language selector,
not only these both. With Partha's build I see indeed only two items.
Also, what language is your primary language in the OS X system settings
(I mean, what's it's native name so I could reproduce some issues)?
Are more people experiencing this effect?

Kind regards


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