[Gimp-developer] dock dialogs and toolbox used as an widget

Hi there,

some suggestions about dock dialogs and toolbox used as an widget

would be awesome to invoke essential dialogs like colors, tool presets and tool preferences with a ( 
floating, configurable ) widget
Why ? 
- because we digital painters need our tools just for a little moment, exactly when we choose and set them.
- we could work without any distraction in our way, just with our work on screen (tab is already a nice catch 
to hide tools, but not "enough" )

i "dream" still yet of this feature in the Gimp :D 
click hotkey = invoke to choose a tool and/or adjust settings
click the previous hotkey again = close the widget 

actually, i merged toolbox and dock in multiple window mode, and work in fullscreen mode. I'm able to invoke 
my toolbox-dock only after clicking the tab button twice-maybe a Mac os issue. (Mac OsX 10.7.5)



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