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Unfortunately for hard-coded "sRGB as PCS", the ICC profile specifications are a moving target. Right now the ICC profile illuminant is always D50. But in the next planned release of new specifications, things will change:

//begin quote from

While this fixed PCS is capable of delivering unambiguous color transforms, it cannot support the increasing demand for spectrally-based reproduction. iccMAX is a radically different approach which builds on ICC v4 but enables a far more flexible means of connecting devices, data, materials, observers and illuminants.

//end quote

I would ask every babl/GEGL/GIMP developer who cares about GIMP as a high end ICC profile color-managed image editor to read the rest of the page that I just linked to, and maybe think long and hard about whether you really want to limit yourself to "babl color management" based on hard-coded D50-adapted "sRGB as PCS".

D65 unadapted sRGB is based on CRT technology that is no longer in widespread use. Rec.2020 is the up and coming new display device standard.

D50-adapted ICC profiles are based on profile specifications that revolve around increasing outdated print-based technologies. Print-making technologies have changed, and today the output device is just as (or more) likely to be a display screen.

The ICC is moving forward (and let's hope they also fix a few issues that V4 introduced).

Tying GIMP to "sRGB as PCS" is a dead-end move.

Kind regards,
Elle Stone
Color management and free/libre photography

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