Re: [Gimp-developer] [Gegl-developer] Don't make an architectural mistake based on a groundless premise

On Tue, Oct 7, 2014 at 10:20 PM, Elle Stone
<ellestone ninedegreesbelow com> wrote:
Who decides what's common and what's rare for an artist to want to do? The
GIMP devs? Isn't that just a trifle presumptuous?

These kinds of decisions belong with the users, not the devs.

I'm sorry but you've crossed the line from being a user to a dev.
Despite that your input has helped form future priorities.

Don't use code to micromanage what users can do their own data based on what
devs think is "common" or "correct". Make it easy for the user to choose
between linear vs perceptual for ALL ops, and put in good presets.

Nothing in that quote wants to limit what a user can do; it rather act
as a guide when designing interfaces (APIs/GUIs). As a metric to
evaluate choices that provide the user (application or human)
guidance/constraints making it simple to do the right thing. Rare
things that should be possible; preferablly not to difficult either -
are choosing which component(s) to gaussian-blur in linear RGB, CIE
Lab and possibly other color spaces. That is something which is
possible to achieve globally for all operations - without adding the
code to do so in each operation. Thus on the GEGL level it would
probably be harder to directly do it; than for abstractions possible
to add for the user of a GUI like GIMP.


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