Re: [Gimp-developer] Placing grid on half-pixels using the offset

On 07/10/14 12:36, Seldom Needy wrote:
Is there a strong reason for fractional offsets (even +0.5) in the
grid-configuration dialog being prevented? I'm working on a layout at
present and I've noticed this limitation...

Due to the snapping behavior of brushes, it's sometimes helpful to be able
to draw/erase/smear/etc along the *middle* of a pixel if -- say -- I'm
working with a border or divider-set which is 5 pixels wide. If I can have
the pixel immediately under the cursor be centered where the middle pixel
will be, I neatly get the remaining four pixels of the current tool's
height/width symmetrically on either side... Otherwise I have to rely on
rounding-behavior or constantly doing an additional transformation after
each change in this part of the work.

Other than having to change one field from "int" to "float", is there a
good reason not to add this tweak for those who want it? By default, it
would not be available unless someone specifically input a fraction into
the grid-settings anyway.

For all uses of guides/grid with layers this could be problematic, because layers cannot be positioned on half-pixels.

Did you try to use a path and View>Snap to active path? Path doesn't need to be positioned on integer pixels. If you want a grid of path you can use my path-grid and path-shift scripts that you'll find there:

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