[Gimp-developer] (no subject)

Hi, I'm Casandra. Hopefully, I'm emailing this to the right person. The Contact Us is a little confusing. 
Anyway, I recently made an account for the Gimp Plugin registration. When I made the account, it told me two 
things. The first was that an email was sent to me as an activation for the account. Another was about how 
the email was failed to be sent and that I should contact administration if it continues. I waited for an 
email, but I still didn't receive one. So, I tried making a new account, but it said the email was being 
used. So, I tried logging in, but there it said the account was either blocked or not activated. I checked my 
spam mail too, but there isn't an email at all. So, I was hoping that I could have some help with this 
situation. Thank you for your time and I hope you get in contact with me soon. 

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