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On Mon, Nov 24, 2014 at 9:41 AM, Joseph Bupe <joseph bupe gmail com> wrote:
Hi developers,

I want to request for the possibility of handling passport-size photos in

There is a script I found at that
does just that, but maybe implementing this in Gimp main branch will help
improve its usability and attract more users working with passports and
visa printing etc.

This is probably a nice script (I haven't tested it but you say so in
the forum thread), but the problem is always the same: we don't have
enough core developers to maintain new scripts and plugins within the
main branch. So unless someone wishes to actively support such a
script within the main branch (and prove it by first actively
maintaining it outside of the main branch, with regular bug fixes,
feature request handling, and port to GEGL if needed), we can't just
take new scripts inside the main tree.

The second issue is that there are a lot of awesome plugins out there,
but which ones definitely deserves to be in as default
we-have-to-support-it features, and which one are more to be
considered "optional" for some specific use cases (so out of the main
tree)? That's a difficult question.
I'm not sure if ID photo handling is definitely something to be
considered as a default feature (though it's true most people does id
photos regularly in their life, stubborn administration pushes us to
not do it ourselves by refusing them).



Also, discussed at

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