Re: [Gimp-developer] [Gimp-user] GIMP should fork babl and GEGL

My apologies in advance for sounding preachy, but here goes:

GIMP developers need to start paying attention to what potential and actual GIMP users really want and need from their RGB image editor.

I respectfully suggest the following:

Drop the incredibly paternalistic attitude that the devs know better than the GIMP users what GIMP users really need.

Try finding a few actual high end users who understand ICC profile color management and the requirements for proper RGB image editing, and *ask* them what they need. Talk to Krita users and Darktable users. Even try to find a few Adobe Cloud refugees and talk to them - there is certainly enough interest in high bit depth GIMP being expressed in the various photography forums.

Ask these actual and potential new GIMP users how GIMP would need to change before these users would be happy using GIMP for photographic image editing. And please don't try to hide from the user what's happening in the background. Instead show some respect the user's RGB data. Users are trusting that GIMP doesn't do silly things like converting to unbounded sRGB in the background or deciding for the user whether an operation should be done on linear or perceptually uniform RGB.

Best regards,
Elle Stone

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