[Gimp-developer] Gimp-Perl version 2.30_05 now on CPAN

Dear Gimp Developers,

The latest dev version of Gimp-Perl (2.30_05) is now on CPAN. You can take a look here:


It has:
* an autosave script (not installed by default – examples/autosave2) – will save open, changed files in its 
own directory, and reopen them on GIMP startup; if installed, will start as soon as GIMP starts up
* a plugin registry viewer, installed by default – Filters/Browse Plug-in Registry
* a Perl console, installed by default – Filters/Perl/Console

This is a candidate to be released on CPAN as 2.31, so any bugs you find, please report them (look in README 
for how).

Known problem: the test suite fails (and other problems may occur) in locales where floating point numbers 
are written with “,” not “.”. A fix is in the works.

Currently only tested on Linux, but I would be very interested if someone would try it on Windows (take a 
look at README.win32 for possible ideas).

Let me know what you think.

All the best,
Ed J

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