Re: [Gimp-developer] GIMP 2.8 on OS X fixes

Am 26.05.2014 um 21:17 schrieb Simone Karin Lehmann <simone lisanet de>:

The patch I’ve mentioned is a fork of the gtk-mac-integration library which I heavily modified and patched. 
I’m currently cleaning up the code so that it would compile without the need to patch the 
gtk-mac-integrationn library. And I’ll try to write some basic documentation, why I did this, and what I’ve 
changed, and why I did it.

In a few words:
- no undocumented and unofficial function to make the Apple menu. 
- just use the official Cocoa API and a stub MainMenu.nib,generated with Xcode
- the library itself now calls [NSApp finishLaunching] as soon as possible, so there’S no need for an extra 
EventHandler to open files. This fixes the mentioned bug.
- don’ hide the ApplicationDelate protocol and don’t hide the notification protocol, so the application can 
fully use these protocols. This made it very easy to implement working dock menus and file open events

So I’ll try to do my best to upload it in the next few days('til Thursday)….

I’ve just uploaded my patched version of the gtk-mac-integration library and committed it into my svn 

The README gives some information about why I did this, as I already mentioned in my above quoted posting, 
and gives some basic documentation about how to use the library.

I’ve patched GIMP’s 2.8.10 sources to use this forked library. The changes are in app/gui/gui.c and 
app/gui/gui-unique.c. You can find the patches in my svn too at

Simone Karin

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