[Gimp-developer] Align Visible Layers-suggestion

Regarding Image->Align Visible Layers window.Could transforming the 2
checkboxes,(Ignore the bottom layer even if visible,Use the(invisible)
bottom layer as the base) into radio buttons, be more logic?If both
checkboxes are clicked then it means that the bottom layer would not be
moved and at the same time it would be used as the base for the
transformation instead of the image canvas.But by using the bottom layer as
the base for the transformation,dosen't that imply that it would not be
moved from it's current pozition,meaning that clicking ignore bottom layer
when Use the bottom layer as the base is already clicked, has no effect?And
because it has no effect,i see no reason to keep it checked,so replacing
checkboxes with radio buttons makes it more logic.

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