[Gimp-developer] Align Visible Layers Command

Steps i did:
1. Create new image with preset A4(300 ppi)
2.Created 2 layers names A and B: I used the paintbrushtool to draw an A on
the A layer,and a B on the B layer.
Layers are ordered(from bottom to top): Background,A,B
3.Command: Image->Canvas Size,Width:350.01 mm, Height:247.40 mm,offset 0 on
x and y,Resize Layers-none
4.Command: Image->Align Visible Layers with settings:
                    *Horizontal syle=Collect*
*                    Horizontal base=Right Edge*
*                    Vertical style=None*
*                    Vertical Base=Bottom edge*
*                    Grid size=10*
*                    Ignore the bottom layer even if visible=checked*
*                    Use the(invisible) bottom layer as the base=unchecked*
After clicking OK,layers A and B are aligned to the left of my canvas(i
know this because my layer boundary is displayed to the left and outside of
my canvas).
If i set* Horizontal style=none* and V*ertical style=Collet* + *Vertical
base=bottom* edge,layers are moved to the top and outside of my canvas.

Gimp help suggest that i should enlarge my canvas to see my layers.I've
moved layes A and B back on the canvas.
Question: Is this a bug(maybe a known bug-searched align layers in bugzilla
and no results)? I'm assuming that when i set  let's say *Horizontal
style=Collect,**Horizontal base=Right Edge + Vertical style=none*, my
visible layers should be aligned to the right edge and inside of my canvas.
If this mode of operation for these setting is not a bug,then maybe Right
Edge and Bottom Edge options should be eliminated from the dropdown menus
in future versions of Gimp or renamed to something more intuitive.
I am using Gimp 2.8.10 on Kubuntu 14.04.

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