[Gimp-developer] Question on building with GVFS support


I'm currently fixing some OS X issues and am
trying to fix [bug 683177], see the build-osx
branch in our Git repository and the gimp-osx
target in gimp.modules.
I've build GVFS and removed the --without-gvfs
make argument in the GIMP build. However,
the message 'Could not open 'http://docs.gimp.org/2.8/en/gimp-help.xml'
for reading: Operation not supported. Perhaps you are missing GIO
backends and need to install GVFS?' still appears.
In Glib's own configure.ac I found nothing to
include GVFS explicitly.
Can anybody please give me a hint - is there anything
particular missing?

Thank you,


[bug 683177]:

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