Re: [Gimp-developer] Adopt a development model similar to Jenkins?

Hi Sam,

thank you for your suggestion! It comes at just the right time, because
speaking on how we can improve our development process to be more
attracting to new contributors is one point on our LGM meeting agenda.

Indeed, the Jenkins project has some points we can learn from, such as
what you wrote and secondly the release process. They manage it to
release two products (the rolling release and an LTS release) regularly.

On  23.3.2014 at 12:04 AM Sam Gleske wrote:
Right now, GIMP has a place for users to dwonload plugins... but there is
no place where the source code of all of the plugins live and be maintained.

... and the GIMP plug-in registry is only one place among others
(forums, private sites, DeviantArt etc.) We're currently reconsidering
possibilities to install plug-ins and assets from within the
application easily. Having the source code at the same registry site
next to binaries for various platforms (at least the most often used)
would IMHO be a win.

I went looking for the GIMP repository on github (it's nice that there is
one!) however it seems sadly buried in the GNOME project repositories.

Because it's a GNOME project ;-)
One trick: finding a particular project in GNOME's Git repository is as
easy as at GitHub: The URL is always${project name}

I propose GIMP developer team take the initiative to create an
organizational account at github and form teams similar to Jenkins.

The GNOME project mirrors its repositories to Github. You can find the
GIMP subpage here:
However, to attract more contributors and benefit from more
contributions, we should have an eye on the pull requests there.

Leaving the GNOME project and going our own way is IMHO not the right
way as there are many points where we our both projects give and take
to/from each other to our both benefit.

I'm learning C++ in hopes to contributing to GIMP [4] with more than just
recommendations or the mailing list.

That's nice that you take this initiative. GIMP and GEGL are developed
in C with the object orientation of [GObject]. Also the Babl library we
rely on is in C.
If you like it tricky there are also the Autotools and their M4
language. We use them in our build processes but they are hard to
understand and often full of mystery. Having an expert here who can
either give a founded advice on better build tools (CMake, Maven,
etc.?) or can help using the Autotools' potential better would IMHO
be a big help.
For your first steps let me point you to our [developer wiki],
especially the 'Developer information' section. And as always you find us at #gimp in IRC and here on the mailing list for asking :-)

Kind regards,



[developer wiki]:

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