Re: [Gimp-developer] Creation of a "set of operations" item

hi all,

Joao asked me personally to comment here, so here I am.

I will do some horrible top-posting because I think
I can summarise quite a bit what you wrote.

I believe what you refer to below are ‘macros.’

simple enough: at any point in GIMP where an operation
can be applied, a macro can also be applied.

I intent to help GIMP users to make/edit macros in many ways:
record them; grab a bunch of operations from the operations
stack and put a name on it; write some source text in a file.

do keep in mind that macros are nothing but a convenience
for some GIMP users, not all GIMP users. a macro is never
the single solution to a problem.

first working with operations (see
for an old sketch, will be updated at lgm) has to work in
a sufficient fashion before we can think of introducing macros.

ps: first we would have to start supporting ‘export pipelines’
where users can define a series of operations for each pipeline,
and save these to be used in different xcf files, before macros
could be used in these pipelines.

users should not have to learn macros to make use of these
pipelines (a macro is never the single solution to a problem).

I would like to discuss about the possibility
of a "Set of operations" GIMP item -

In the current state of GIMP, I think one
nice thing to have would be the ability to
specify sets of GEGL operations that could
be re-used across the UI in some different places.

One example of such "Set of operations" could be,
for example, a gaussian blur filter - the set
includes the parameters as well. Another
example could be a "Resample to 50% size, Unsharp mask"

Where could those be used?
I thought of primarily two places - with more potential
nice places to come along:

   1. As an "adjust layer" - just that - have
   a special Layer class that encapsulates a set
   of Gegl operations, and apply then to the
   rendering of the layer imediatelly bellow.
   This would give us "Adjustment layers"
   as they are called in other software,
   essentialy "for free"

   2. Attached to an image, as a set to be
   automatically applied before exporting the
   image to an specific format.
   Currently, the "merge-visible-layers" action
   is performed at this stage, for most formats.
   But in some mail-threads here it became clear that
   the ability to resize an image to an specific
   size, among other things, could greatly
   simplify the current workflow for keeping
   a high-quality XCF image, and exporting
   incremental versions of down-sampled/filtered
   versions for production. (Like in edit, save,
   resize to 50%, export as PNG - undo to further
   editing the image, and the resize is lost, and must
   be reapplied when exporting the new version)

And there could be some "bonus places" to attach these
"sets of operations":
   3. To patterns, before applying them - so
   that rotation and scaling of patterns would
   be easy
   4. To brush masks, as part of the painting dynamics.

Can we discuss this further along?
I know Mitch is experimenting with
operations attached to layers, but I don't
know wether they are along thse lines, or more
like recording all operations mad in a layer,
in an early quest to "non destructive editting".

Maybe there is a roadmap for a similar
thing already, that I am not aware of - but
having the "sets of operations" behave
as regular GIMP items that can be used - and
being able to pick/create then at the layers dialog
bucket fill tool options, export dialogs, could
be a nice way of enabling the possibilities
of GEGL and non-destructive editing to end users.


        founder + principal interaction architect
            man + machine interface works on interaction architecture

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