[Gimp-developer] VALS Semester of Code


Someone on #krita has just brought this to my attention:


"The VALS Semester of Code is an upcoming project that will work with
universities andFOSS communities to give students real-world
experience working in software projects.  Unlike Google Summer of
Code, Semester of Code students will be participating for academic
credit as part of their degree courses, and we hope that after
completion of their project will go on to be effective contributors to
the FOSS community.

The VALS initiative is a partership of European universities and SMEs
who have been working for several months to plan the pilot of Semester
of Code, which will run during the next academic year.  We have now
reached the stage where we are signing up FOSS projects who are
willing to provide mentored projects of students. We have already seen
interest from smaller, single-company projects to larger software
foundations, and would like to see more.

If you are part of a FOSS project, large or small, that would be
willing to provide one or more mentored projects, we’d love to talk to
you about joining Semester of Code.  In return, you’ll get an
enthusiastic student providing a valuable contribution to your
project.  The VALS team will be on hand throughout the project to
answer any questions and help unblock communication issues between
mentors, students and academic supervisors."

Are we interested? Apparently Ed J contacted them already, right?


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