[Gimp-developer] Working with details

a useful feature could be:
-magnifying glass option for tools (brush, smudge, eraser, ect.) or improved zoom-tool

variant A)
A circle of configurable radius around the current tool in use (brush, smudge, eraser, ect.) which magnifies 
dynamically where we are working on.
Maybe its a bit resource-demanding: in that case i would pixelate/obscure the area outside the magnifying 

variant B)
A variant could improve the zoom-tool
1) drawing a (sticky) rectangle of arbitrary dimensions on the area we want to work on, 
2) ability to move the rectangle, to spot another region in our image, if necessary  
3) adjusting the zoom factor in options
4) ability to paint inside this rectangle 

Activation should be very handy, easy and working like a switch, lets say: ctrl+b one time to fire -up on and 
yet another time to shut -off

Have a nice day!

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