[Gimp-developer] Color Harmonies

time ago i asked Mr. Antonishen (a really nice guy, btw) if he could code a color harmonies script for the 
Gimp (and me :D ) and put these colors in a palette. He created a excellent script, but like every script, it 
has some limitations

please add a color harmonies feature: 
-complementar colors (2 colors)
-similars (3(rough)-5(fine-graded) steps, frontmost color in the middle) 
-tris, quad, penta, esa,  (overlapping, pivotable, scalable geometric filigree figures-on color tab 
"watercolor","wheel" or a new one; please see attachment 1)

Guide grid overlay for other harmonies -for color tab "Gimp" in colors (see attachment 2)
tonal range grid bar: 10 steps from bright to dark, (see horizontal bar)  
saturation range grid bar: 10 steps from desaturated to saturated (see vertical bar)

-button to save harmonies as palettes!

have a nice day!

attachment 1)
i'd restyle the "watercolor" tab, see: outside Dark colors to inside bright colors
attachment 2)
foreground color is highlighted in blu-cross section from tonal and saturation grids

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