[Gimp-developer] GimpSpinScale Styling


   I have been experimenting with GIMP/GTK UI themes and have reached the GimpSpinScale widgets where I have 
found a puzzle.

  On my Windows 7, GIMP 2.8.10 setup I find I can style some parts of the widgets, almost to my satisfaction, 
but some odd behaviour remains, which can be seen in this post:


My puzzles are:
1. The border colour the same as the text colour - I've looked at the Git commit and seen this is hard coded 
- Why?

2. The label and editable text change colour depending on position of the bar - fg[SELECTED] when on top of 
the bar and text[NORMAL] when not on top of the bar - is this intended?

3. The big puzzle is why the bar is drawn using the image file only when the value is above a certain 
level/pixel width and below that threshold is being drawn using a solid bg[SELECTED] colour rectangle.

I would appreciate any insights.




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