Re: [Gimp-developer] Color Tools and Bump Map as Dockable Dialogs

On 11/07/14 15:38, Joseph Bupe wrote:
Hello Developers,

IMHO, the Color Tools and Bump Map should be turned into dockable dialogs
as a way of cleaning up/minimizing the number of po-up dialogs.

All color tools could appear under the same tab as icons and clicking the
icon should display corresponding details underneath. Changing
values/curves should automatically affect the image; therefore, eliminating
the need to click the image in order to access a pop-up dialog. See
attached mock-up.

For me the question is more why some tools have controls split between the Tool options and a floating dialog. I hardly see the logic to have a floating dialog to show me the Shear/Rotation/Scale parameters when the Rectangle/Ellipse/Crop tools use the Tool options to display equivalent information.

Clicking on the image is not meant to access the dialog, it actually starts the tool on a given image, the dialog is a side effect... (of course in single-window mode it's a bit less useful). The floating dialog could have a meaning if it were image-oriented, i.e. if there were one instance of the tool for each image. This also raise the question of why we have the Tool-centric view where you cannot have a two different tools active at the same time on two different images.

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