Re: [Gimp-developer] Q about gimp 2.8.12

Hi Kungfu07,

On  7.7.2014 at 1:22 PM Kungfu07 wrote:
Hello GIMP Development Team; it's been years that i'm a GIMP user,
First *thank you enormously* for your good work in the creation of this
wonderful software.

thank you for your positive feedback ;-)

Then I want to know when you go to launch the new version 2.8.12 ?

From my point of view it looks as follows:
I'm just finishing the last parts of the OS X integration that
are meant to go into version 2.8.12. This means
- reviewing a patch for the critical and urgent [bug 730211],
- checking the JHBuild configuration for updates and
- cleaning up.

Until this is finished I suggest we also take the time for final
tests in the gimp-2-8 branch.

From my point of view we could release then.

BTW: To support the release process I shared a search in Bugzilla
to quickly find the fixed bugs in this release. It's named
'GIMP - changes since last release' and GIMP developers find it
in the footer of their Bugzilla sites. Currently it finds 65 fixed bugs.

I would also have loved to integrate Simone's port to her forked
and updated GTK-Mac-Integration project, but as we're already late
with 2.8.12 and her changes are sort of fundamental, I tend to start
with that right after the 2.8.12 release. So we'll have enough time to
test and do justice to it.

> and how
> close is the release of GIMP 2.10 ?

There are some things yet to do whereof the GEGL port is the most
important of it. We don't have a date for GIMP 2.10. Help is welcome.

Kind regards,


[bug 730211]

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