[Gimp-developer] clean-up project


I'd love to see Gimp more functional and less cluttered: lets pick two flies with one slap! zack!

object: (Tabs-dock)

following tabs have a list tab plus an editor tab. These should share the same tab.
1) Double clicking: entering the editor (less used, a double click would work fine)
2) clicking a button in the toggle area of the editor : returning to the list (primarily used)

See a good example here:

following tabs should be merged:

paths should live, like text-layers, in the layers tab. The path tab toggle bar should migrate into the path 
options of the tool preferences tab. 

Furthermore, i'd welcome if a Double click could open the tool preferences tab with relative options of:
-Text layer  > Text options
-Path layer  > Path options
-Layer       > Layer options (options in the right-click menu of layers) = additional option in the tool 
preferences tab



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