[Gimp-developer] Gimp from git lasso, fuzzy select, and mask to selection bugs and crashes

I'm using Gimp from git on Gentoo Linux. I've noticed two odd selection-related behaviors. I haven't made a bug report yet because I can't reliably reproduce the behavior on a test image that's small enough to upload.

1. Gimp crashes while using dodge-burn on a selection:

Sometimes, not reliably repeatable, if I make a selection using the free-select tool and then try to burn with the dodge-burn tool using a brush that is larger than the selection, Gimp crashes and takes the whole computer with it, requiring a restart.

The only valid terminal output I caught was a mention of a "corrupted double-linked list". I tried to run valgrind but valgrind wanted glibc debug information, which I don't know how to install. Gimp is installed in a prefix with a different version of glibc than the main installation, so I'm not sure where to install glibc debug information.

I don't want to upload the 26MB xcf that keeps crashing and I haven't been able to produce a smaller test image that reliably crashes - I did get a smaller test image to crash, but not reliably.

2. Sometimes Gimp "fuzzy select" and also "mask to selection" will successfully select a region, but then shift the selection to the right:

Gimp "fuzzy select" selects the region I want to select, but as soon as I release the tool, the selection marching ants shift to the right (about 100 pixels on an 1100px wide image), so the selection isn't anywhere near what I actually selected. Plus there are odd ripples of selected areas in a row down the right edge of the image. Trying to paint in the shifted selection results in nothing happening.

The same thing happens when loading a mask as a selection. Again I haven't been able to reliably reproduce this behavior. When it happens, saving the image, restarting Gimp, and trying again doesn't fix the problem. At least this bug doesn't crash the computer.

Anyone have similar selection-related issues and/or suggestions as to how to track down the source of the problem?


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