[Gimp-developer] PSD plugin needs your love


Recently Mitch merged updated PSD plugin code from last year's GSoC
branch. The plugin was ported to GEGL and got high bit depth support
in the importing part.

Unfortunately it seems to be broken (layer data is not correctly
preserved), and we are somewhat out of contributors to work on it (the
GSoC student is currently unavailable). Hence we'd appreciate, if
someone could have a look at what the code is doing, and then patch

For testing purposes (that is, to see what happens now) you can use
builds from  http://nightly.darkrefraction.com/gimp/stable/ on
Windows, or just build the code from Git master branch on Linux.

Additionally, it would be great to get public API for handling text
layer data. This would make it possible to plug the existing code that
parses text layers in PSD to the API and hence make it possible to
preserve and edit text layers in PSD files.

If you feel like doing any of the above, feel free to drop by at #gimp
on irc.gimp.net. Or there's always this mailing list, of course :)


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