El dom, 16-02-2014 a las 19:40 +0100, TheSoftware Makers escribió:

I am looking for a blending layer that allows you to apply the "color dodge" effect.
I was looking for the effect shown in step two:

I can't follow the instructions because I don't find "color dodge" in GIMP.
Do you have any ideas?

As Bill mentioned, GIMP has a "dodge" blending mode, and apparently it
does the same than "color dodge" does in Pixelmator.
However, keep in mind that for this kind of effects, blending is better
done in linear space (I bet pixelmator works that way).
Also, working in 8 bit per channel can limit the quality of the
blending, so working in higher bit depth is advised. 

GIMP 2.9 (the development version) allows both working in high bit depth
and linear space, but current stable version doesn't.

This is a simple test showing the result of a dodge blending applied in
32bpc linear float:


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