Re: [Gimp-developer] ANNOUNCE: GIMP 2.8.12 released (Michael Natterer)

Hi Michael,

Well the good news is the 2.8.14 Windows build has Gaelic, so that's my main worry. As for stuff getting or not getting pushed correctly, I have to pass, I tried that but it tells me nothing (I'm mostly 'just' a localizer).

Speaking of which, is there an easy command which gets me 2.8.14 on Ubuntu that anyone knows of? Rather than waiting for Ubuntu to move up to 2.8.14 I mean.



27/08/2014 14:07, sgrìobh Michael Natterer:
That list is automatically generated and should contain all committers
to any po*/ directory.

I'm using this command:

git shortlog -s GIMP_2_8_10..GIMP_2_8_12 \
   po* | cut -b 8- | sed -e 's/$/,/g'

You might want to check the git log yourself, maybe something
was not pushed as it should?


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