Re: [Gimp-developer] Two-minute(!)-survey on motivation and free time contribution of open source developers

Dear Alex, dear Jehan,
First off, Alex, you are completely right, it was the wrong link. This is the correct one:
Beside this, I am happy to answer to your concerns.
Of course, there are overlaps with previous research, and there has been a lot of research on the topic. 
However, what I want to do is get an idea of whether and how the free time sacrifice of open source 
developers is linked to the type of motivation. I know that there are studies that also included this, but 
they did not really satisfy me regarding this particular matter. Also, some studies already screw up on the 
very basic step of the correct categorization of sorts of motivation. I plan to accomplish this step better.
I know that its being very short is rather unconventional. I did it like this, because I believe that it 
still addresses the gist of what I want to find out and to not employ too much of anyone’s time. I am truly 
sorry that it still bothers some of you, that was not my intention.
Jehan, I honestly did not expect that people would want to read more about the background – I meant to keep 
my message as short as possible. But now I wrote the purpose of the study, which I’m composing for a paper in 
an Open Source class at a technical university. Also, I am more than happy to share the results once I 
believe I have gathered enough info!! I know I can just promise this right now, but I will do! Haha, and I 
hope I could do you a small favor by replying after all :)
Best regards,

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